Quality Management

Base for our work is ISO 9001:2008

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We are working in line with the rules of ISO 9001 for controlling at any time the business processes of PharmACT. ISO 9001:2008 offers a structured flexible framework for this. This framework will also be applied to our customer oriented business management system. Our aim is always increasing our performance and securing the company.

The norm ISO 9001:2008 includes hereby all aspects and actives of an organization including the identification of the most important business processes.

Eight quality management principles can be applied to the improvement of the organizational performance:

  • Customer orientation
  • Leadership of the Company
  • Involving the Employees
  • Process-oriented organizational approch
  • System-oriented management approach
  • Continuous Improvement Process 
  • Fact orientated approach for finding decisions
  • Customer-supplier relationship for mutual use

We are taking advantrage of using ISO 9001 as an organizational tool as follows

  • Measurable improvement of the financial success after introduction of ISO 9001 in non-certified companies
  • Higher motivation of employees by knowledge of own functions making the effect of their work transparent.
  • A good organisation has a significant effect on the performance of operational processes. The productivity is increased by minimizing mistakes, and the costs are also reduced.
  • Continuous improvement of the quality enables the company to provide high quality products and services. The customer satisfaction increases.