BelACT & BelDIA PRE - Our strategy against the diseases No. 1

Our engagement

We are a team of highly renowned experts in the development, production and commercialization of a new drug, which is for the improvement and therapy of different stages of arteriosclerosis.

In 2014 we established our own Clinical Research Laboratory in Mainz. This laboratory was used to work on getting approval for our proprietary drug and where we established the production process.  In parallel, we have registered a first clinical study to collect valid data about the BelACT® treatment procedure with the European Clinical Trial Registry. Our innovative therapy for the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis and for patients with diagnosed vascular narrowing (stenosis) has been expanded to international country based companies.

PharmACT AG offers a point-of-care-test (POCT) that one can take care, prior to a BelACT therapy. This test, BelDIA PRE®, a risk screening test which allows patients to analyze their risk of getting type 2 diabetes and macrovascular diseases. With BelDIA PRE® everyone can easily find out if they are at risk of getting arteriosclerosis or type 2 diabetes.

Available is BelCARDIO, a risk screening test for determinng in 10 Minutes whether a hospitalization is necessary or if other reasons are the cause for thorax pain. A quick decision can help the patient and it’s a relief for your daily work.

Both POCT are part of our strategy to prevent arteriosclerosis, by diagnosing it at an early stage and starting the treatment.