Case Study: BelACT at final Arteriosklerosis

Successful therapy with BelACT

The efficient treatment of atherosclerosis and its complications is one of the largest medical challenges of our days. Due to significant higher aging of the population, and the steady increase in the number of risk factors, such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus, even in the next few years is not to be expected that the share of makrovaskularen could reduce diseases.

For many years makrovaskulare diseases are the leading cause of death in industrialised countries. In Germany in 2012 were over 40% of the deaths from heart attacks, strokes or other lethal consequences of atherosclerosis.

In the journal "Diabetes-Online, Chapter Diabetes, Metabolism and Heart", Volume 24 - 03/2015, a current application report of the intravenous infusion therapy BelACT by the inventor Dr. med. Gunter Burghard has been published. The medical report describes impressive proof of the effectiveness of the patented therapy and the extensive possibilities for deployment by beyond treatment patients. (Only available in german)


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