The Base: Patent EP 1447090

Overview of the Patent

Especially patients with clinically manifest arteriosclerosis can be treated that are currently being treated with invasive methods such as stents or with pharmaceuticals with the goal to improve the bloodflow or to inhibit coagulation.
Usually these patients must take additional drugs for the treatment of concomitant diseases (i.e., hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, chronic vascular inflammation) to prevent further impairment of the disease.

A treatment with the drug could be initiated after careful evaluation of risk / medical benefit also as a preventive measure, i.e. patients over 50 years.


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Balance Sheet according to IFRS

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

The PharmACT AG has decided on January 30th 2014 to provide the annual reports on an international basis. As an international company we are in compliance with common reporting standards. Based on this decision we are prepared for a listing on a stock exchange.
IFRS embraces in the German version both the single, since 2003 created new standards and also all standards (IFRS and IAS) and interpretations.


  • According to Guideline (EG) Nr.1606/2002 from July 19th 2002 (ABl EG L 243/1 v. 11. September 2002) companies governed by the law of a EU member state and whose shares are admitted for trading in a ruled market in one of the member states (publicly traded companies) have to comply with IFRS for their consolidated balance sheets for the business years from January 1st 2005.

  • The obligation for applying IFRS has been expanded via the balance reform law even to companies whose shares are not traded yet but are in the process  of being regulatorily approved (vgl. § 264d HGB).

Balance sheets in compliance with IFRS are primarily offering informations on the equity status, financial and income situation of the company. Important principles of the IRFS rules are the ground rule of defined periods and the principle of progression, comprehensibility and comparability as qualitative requirements.

We are displaying the company in a transparent way. This is our task.



Corporate Governance

Frame of Regulation and Supervision of the Company

Corporate Governance regulates the respective processes and structures in finding decisions, characterizes the legal and factual orderly frame for the management and supervision of a company to observe all interests of the shareholders. Regulations regarding Corporate Governance fulfill basically the task to restrict the freedom and motivations of the acting parties in terms of opportunistic behavior.

PharmACT’s Corporate Governance documents are based on the recommendations of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations for the Treadway Commission and in conjunction with the "COSO Enterprise Risk Management" Framework.

The PharmACT AG is represented as a company in Europe and later on a worldwide basis, therefore, a company based risk-management system will be operated in order to provide objectivity.

Code of Business Ethics

Business Ethics as Basis of the company

The PharmACT AG has decided as represented by the board of directors, the management team, and all employees that all tasks of the company are to be performed according to existing laws, and to the highest legal and ethical standards in the daily operations.
This means for us that we do not only pursue compliance with existing laws but that on an operational basis PharmACT AG is visible to our customers, shareholders, and the community as stringent ethical and legally coincide company.
Per your request, we would like to provide you with our internal documentation of our business ethics. Please contact our management team directly with following This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .