Therapy of arteriosclerosis with "BelACT"

BelACT – Our Therapy Concept

The PharmACT AG is providing and has developed a pharmaceutical with a therapeutical concept which has the potential changing the treatment of cardiovascular diseases on a worldwide basis.

We have integrated our concept in our company name:  The outstanding ACT treatment comprises the disease, A – Arteriosclerosis, C – Clean, and T – Therapy.

Cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death on a worldwide basis. In Germany alone, these amount to ca. 40,2% of all death cases annually. According to the Statistical Governmental Agency in Wiesbaden this corresponds to ca. 342.000 death cases in Germany.

This situation is very well reflected also in other nations, i.e. the USA. In the USA, in the year 2011, ca. 597.000 patients died from cardiovascular diseases and 129.000 from strokes.
The treatment with the new drug allows on one hand the prevention of the disease and supports on the other hand the healing process of arteriosclerosis in different stages.


BelACT - My experience with the therapy

A report on my new life after treatment with BelACT

My name is Heiner Leinfeld*1, I was born in 1949. In October 1992 I had my first myocardial infarction having been not properly treated in the hospital in Offenburg where I lived at that time so that I had to be transported several hours later by helicopter to the Benedikt Kreutz Rehabilitationszentrum for Cardiovascular Diseases. After several heart catheter examinations the cardiologists decided that I could encounter the so-called „classical“ therapy.

In August 2002, 10 years later I had my second myocardial infarction.

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