Typ 2 Diabetes – Early detection of disease development is possible!

Elevated fasting morning levels of intact proinsulin are a highly specific indicator for an advanced damage of the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas (ß-cell dysfunction), and also for a clinically relevant insulin resistance. Both conditions are causes of type 2 diabetes. Current diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is still exclusively made based on measurement of elevated blood glucose levels or increasing levels of the glycosylated fraction of hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c). This approach does not make use of the opportunity to predict disease development by measurement of intact proinsulin at a very premature stage.    

Pre Diagnosis of Diabetes with BelDIA PRE

Prediction of risk for Type 2 Diabetes development.

BelDIA PRE is an easy to use screening test device for patients, clinics and physians. By determination of fasting plasma concentration of intact proinsulin, the test describes development of type 2 diabetes mellitus even up to one years prior to glucose elevation. It is designed as a point-of-care device to provide immediate results.

The early test is working with a lateral-flow based technology similar to a pregnancy test. The result is provided in a qualitative way and is either “positive” or “negative”. One drop of blood capillary blood (10 µl) is needed, e.g. obtained by pricking the fingertip.

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BelDIA PRE – Screening of intact proinsulin

Proinsulin: A Pathophysiological Background

Proinsulin is the prohormone precursor to insulin made in the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans, specialized regions of the pancreas responsible for insulin production and secretion. In humans, the INS gene encodes proinsulin.

Insulin resistance (IR) and deterioration of beta-cell secretion are main features in the development of type 2 diabetes, which is reflected by increasing serum intact Proinsulin levels. ntroduction of stable assays that are able to distinguish between intact Proinsulin and its specific and unspecific cleavage products has resulted in the finding that serum intact Proinsulin values can serve as a direct marker for beta-cell dysfunction, are a highly specific indicator of IR, and can predict cardiovascular risk.

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